See below: The green room for The Daily Show. I waited in here for about an hour. When I got tired of pacing around the room, I paced around the halls backstage. There are all sorts of editing bays where editors are assembling comedy bits for the show. I saw Rob Cordroy frantically running down the hall while tying his tie. Samantha Bee was walking with a baby (her own?) in her arms. She gave me a nice smile.


About a half hour before I went on, Jon Stewart came back to say hello. We chatted for about ten minutes. He pointed to the candy bowl, and in the very Jon Stewart voice, said, “Please, help yourself – I know this is just basic cable, but have whatever you want.” I found him to be (of course) very funny in person, and also quite warm.

In the bottom photo, you’ll notice a pensive look on my face. I have to admit: going on The Daily Show made me exceptionally nervous. Who wouldn’t be? But Stewart made the interview a good time. He was ready with laugh lines, and I could feel he would catch me if I fell. When the taping was done and I was walking offstage, he gestured to me and led the audience in a rousing round of applause. The way he did it had a very generous feel.