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march for our lives

March for Our Lives in SF – Feelin’ It

[From Saturday, March 24] Gathering for the March in front of SF City Hall. Must admit I’m a tad verklempt at the energy of it all, the young people voicing a higher purpose. Kind of makes you think there might be hope for us after all. That we make terrible mistakes but that there’s some larger, timeless energy that resides in us – all of us as a whole – that somehow keeps us moving upward. Damn. There’s a lady writing in chalk on the sidewalk: “vote them out.” Oh yeah.… Read the rest

The Zen Mountaintop of Transcendent American Consumerism

Clearly, it’s the dizzying Zen mountaintop of transcendent American consumerism: the Apple Store on Black Friday. Even for the privilege of talking to clerk about a MacBook, I was told the wait was 35 minutes. In that moment I stared into the abyss….empty and forlorn….inadequate access to the Apple buying process. Then I rallied, briefly checked out the new iPhone X — which seemed needlessly complex — and walked back out into the mall, a vibrant minnow swimming in the invigorating waters of holiday commerce.

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